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Dan Native holds a criminal studies degree along with his L.L.M. Public law degree and L.L.B. from Tel Aviv University, and a L.L.M. from Northwestern University in the US. Dan did his specialization and internship in the Jerusalem court of criminal law under His Honor Judge Carmel, head of severe degree criminal law. Following his internship, Dan worked for one of the leading criminal law offices in the country.


Dan possesses authorization to represent offenders in military court, and is a member of the Committee to Criminal Interest of Tel Aviv, as well as being a member of the lawyer’s bureau.


Dan works tirelessly for his clients using court-appropriate creativity and necessary measures of aggression. His uncompromising will and drive, together with his attention to client needs make him a force to be reckoned with in the court room.

Dan Nativ provides personalized and professional round-the-clock assistance to his clients including 100% disclosure and transparency regarding cases, and full confidentiality and discretion. Every client gets his full and undivided attention for the duration of their case.


The Office

The office is devoted to representing and defending suspects and individuals accused of committing or participating in a variety of criminal activities.


The office also handles the following:

  • Deletion of criminal records such as hearings (section 60 a)

  • Claims and counsel

  • Preparation for questioning

  • Accompaniment during investigation

  • Cancellation of police records and plea bargains during temporary imprisonment

  • Legal evidence management.


Dan Nativ's office of criminal law has established an unbreakable commitment to representing defendants of any crime. Dan works off the basic philosophy that every person is a human being and deserves fair and adequate legal counsel in their time of need. As such, any person accused of a crime is entitled to, and worthy of, the best representation and advocacy of interests possible. This is done by fully honoring basic human rights as law, which is enforced regardless of the criminal action to which a defendant may be accused.


The office is non-judgmental of clients, and is solely focused on fighting in the legal battle field, clearing names of accused clients, and cleaning up the complications in which they've landed,
making sure no human rights are violated, and that each client is given the best, most helpful, professional advocacy.


Dan Nativ is extremely knowledgeable in criminal law and all procedural components, allowing him the ability to work quickly and efficiently from the questioning stage all the way to the best possible outcome – preferably resulting in no criminal record for the client. When circumstances permit, even in the case of an indictment being decided, early and savvy communication with the correct authorities can sometimes lead to early closure of cases and the prevention of a long and excruciating court process, and the possibility of negative outcomes.



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Criminal advocate
Dan Nativ


  English language legal representation

  • Ability for non-Hebrew speakers to get superior legal counsel in English

  • Ability for non-Hebrew speakers to stay in-the-loop and up to date with all proceedings regarding their cases without the hassle of outside translation, or the fear of confusion or misinterpretation.

  • 24/7 contact

  • Emergency legal services provided

Running into legal issues in a foreign country, or when the local language is not understood, can be terrifying. Furthermore, not being able to fully understand one’s own legal proceedings can result in all kinds of unwanted and unnecessary outcomes. The importance of having excellent legal counsel available in the English language is necessary for any non-Hebrew speaker facing criminal charges of any kind.

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